How to live within earnings keeping up the life expectations


The other day I came across the quote by Anonymous ‘It is not about earning a living, rather it’s about designing a life’ and I thought well said.

Here are some points that we can follow to live within our means painlessly.

1) Create a budget: Examining your basic income and expenditure is the first step towards trimming flexible expenses.

2) Separate your wants and needs: It’s okay to splurge on something you don’t really need once in a while, but you shouldn’t make a habit of it. And when you do splurge, you should be conscious that your life would be just as good without that thing. Don’t compete with your rich friend on designer sunglasses or watches. Just learn to spend in moderation. For instance, cut back on how often you dine out. You can still enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant, just not multiple times a week.

3) Pay in cash: Most have a love affair with their credit cards(Americans being number 1)  Avoid such debts like the plague. Use coupons if applicable. Avail  discounts. Before going for any kind of shopping, set a budget in your mind and follow it.

4) Do saving: High savings rate is the golden secret of people who goal for early retirement. For many would-be early retirees, the plan to get there involves saving  30%, 40%, or even 50% of their pretax income and living on the rest. While that sounds daunting, many individuals and couples are successfully pulling it off while living fairly normal or even luxurious lives. Put some money into your ’emergency jar’. You can’t let one unexpected event, like a car accident or job loss,  completely ruin your finances. Be aware of the various products and offers provided by your bank. A thoughtful investment plan should be there that will help you optimize both their tax situations and the money left to spend.

5) Boost your income: There are two ways to be happy: either improve your reality or lower your expectations. For those who don’t want a bus ride but rather an Ola drive every time they visit a friend or aunt or even office, try to increase your monthly income by doing some side business or part time work or even,   avail internet to earn money online. There are many sites such as Clixsense, MicroWorkers,  Fiverr, captcha2cash that pays its members in many ways.

6) Cut down on unnecessary expenses like dropping by pubs and discs every Friday. Most youngsters(mostly techies) live by the philosophy ‘Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but Bible says love your enemy ‘.As a result, they end up spending more than half their salary into drinks and shots. Even if you want to continue your legacy of drinking, opt for home parties which will save your expenses to a great deal. For girls, it’s about control over Shopaholism!


Do not give into your heart which yearns for unplanned shopping. Be practical and shop less. Cancel subscriptions u don’t need like Netflix or gym memberships.

Thus, mantra for simple life: Eat less, move more; buy less, make more!

Written by Arun Wilson
Hello, my name is Arun. I am a blogger living in Pune, India. This is my blog, where I post about my lifestyle and traveling. Never miss out on new stuff.