Tips on how you stay motivated and inspired

The most motivating quote I have come across so far ‘Work until your bank account looks like a phone number'(It works wonders for me whenever money comes in the picture!)No-one wants to be called average and that is where motivation plays the main role. Now, many of us are born self-motivated(much unlike myself) and life is simpler for them. My grandma is one of the most self-motivated people I have been around. (Being a Piscean, it’s a common trait, I guess!). However, I’ve always required that external push to bring out a better version of myself every day. I have been lucky to have mentors like my dad, teachers, and few friends(not all friends motivate you). However, once we become adults, we figure out that we need to follow some tips in order to remain motivated:


1) Turn up the volume:

Listen to motivational songs whenever you feel low. It soothes your soul and brings positive energy. Some of the top motivational songs which I prefer to hear are ‘Heroes by Alesso’, ‘Best day of my life by American Authors’, ‘Hall of fame by the script’, ‘Happy by Pharrell’, ‘Go hard or home by Wiz Khalifa’.


2) Feed yourself daily with top news:

Read newspaper daily and keep yourself updated every day. You literally feel worldly-wise. You are confident and alert. The success stories and impact of sportsmen or politicians on common people keep you motivated. You come across various job options and the respective skills required. You train yourself that way.


3) Be a people’s person:

Be social. Talk to people. However, avoid being around dream stealers! Be with people who indirectly motivate you. You tend to be sportive and less serious.  Be 100 miles far away from people with negative vibes. If you lock yourself in a room along with a laptop, you tend to become duller and less fearless.


4) Health is the principal capital asset:

When your mind and soul are in sync, you are the happiest person on this planet! Exercise regular. Find a companion with whom you can play tennis or squash. Ambition is often handicapped by laziness. So stop being lazy and feel guilty. It’s in your hands if you want to make money or excuses!


5) Realize your short term and long term goals:

Enlist your short term and long term goals and set deadlines for each. Keep a track of your progress. Be focused and remember ‘Work is worship’. Switch off your Apple iPhone if necessary in case you are affected by minute distractions.


6) meditation and yoga: 

You can dedicate half an hour to meditating as it works like magic. It helps you to shed away all your doubts, insecurities and rejuvenates your soul. Yoga helps you to kick your own arse if necessary!


 7) Today a reader, tomorrow a leader:

You can read some great magazines like India Today or Reader’s Digest where you come across several success stories. Try reading some inspirational books and autobiographies, where you realize that most personalities who are successful today had to start from scratch and had to face millions of hurdles. One of my all-time favorite’s is ‘Up from Slavery’ by Booker T.Washington which depicts how his childhood immersed in a world of treacherous slavery and the founding of the  ideas that made him recognized world wide.


8) Try talking to yourself:

Last but not the least , you should know yourself too well. Be aware of your weak and strong points. Love yourself !Try being your own hero .That way it would be simpler for you to realize what exactly do you want to become in this life. Follow your passion and be crazy sometimes, if required. Don’t over think.


These are the tips that I follow to motivate myself. Always remember that if you are clear with the ‘why’ behind any of your goals that you have set is strong enough, ‘how’ can always be figured out. You might have a thousand reasons to quit but that one strong compelling reason is enough to make you keep on going!

Written by Arun Wilson
Hello, my name is Arun. I am a blogger living in Pune, India. This is my blog, where I post about my lifestyle and traveling. Never miss out on new stuff.