Why taking a break from social media can be good

We all are strangely addicted to the digital world so much so that the real world is of less significance to us. Earlier, people who would be addicted to their computers were called geeks or nerds but today we all are into it, the only difference being the nerds at least made proper use of social media unlike us wasting our time into it.

Being offline can be a new luxury. It’s important to unplug yourself from social media once in a while and do yoga!

1. Get your privacy

It’s good to be a private person for a while. You don’t need to post your daily events and super-edited-fair-and-lovely-selfies and further waste your time waiting for tom dick harry’s comments. Without privacy, there is no point in being an individual.The invasion of privacy due to facebook, Instagram, twitter is not a healthy sign. Mind will be free and not occupied with unnecessary thoughts as to why did tom comment in such a lame way to my recent selfie!

2. Get Social

Make some real friends. No more playing on your phone while with your friends at dinner?  Phones really create a distance between us and the people we love, make us less social and also have resulted in us making less effort in keeping the conversation going. Get social!

3. Relief from constant stress to eyes

We, youngsters remain glued to our tablets hour after hour, scrolling your Instagram feed. Eyes go through quite a lot of stress busy processing information.   Many of the pictures probably trigger you mentally in some way. ‘Ugh, even I want to go on a Vegas trip’, ‘Why don’t I look as photogenic as her’.

I know they are some complexly quoted examples but I am certain some can relate to it too. To really re-charge,   do yourself a favor and simply lay on the sofa and stare out of the window alone with your thoughts for a while. You’ll feel more re-energized.

4. Greater focus

Less distractions are equivalent to greater focus.  Social media has a way of always keeping our heads spinning right round, right round! Questions like “Who liked my picture”, “how many followers do I have now o”, and “what have I missed out on since I’ve been gone”( again I am certain some can relate to it !), they never allow our minds to fully rest and focus. By eliminating these distractions, we can experience a whole new level of focus. I personally have found myself having better conversations with people (no notifications to look at) and have been much more effective at work with less social media distractions. We can be more genuine and focus more on our career goals.

‘Starve your distractions and feed your focus’!

5. More quality time with F n F:

It’s crazy how social media can steal our thoughts, energy, emotions, and time away from the people who mean the most to us, that is our close friends and family. Uninterrupted quality time is hard to come by these days and must be craved for.

6. Less self-absorbed

Selfie means ‘no one else allowed’! Social ME-dia boosts our habit of getting self-obsessed. Selfies, likes and followers can keep us constantly focused on ourselves and how we appear to others.  Less focus on yourself means more opportunity to focus on others.

7. Increased spirituality, positivity

With so much extra time on your hands, you will pray more. You will be better at time-management. We can be more “God conscious” which can bring incredible spiritual growth to our lives.

8. Attitude determines your altitude

Since ditching the social media apps you can be in a more happy mood. When you are not constantly seeing everyone else’s highlight reel and comparing your life to theirs, you are able to enjoy your reality more.You will enjoy living in the moment. Plan crazy nightout’s or peaceful vacations as per your mood. No unmet expectations of how many likes, views or comments you thought your post would get to ruin your mood. Let’s not let social media hold us back and steal our innocence and individuality.

9. More time to nurture your talents or passion

You will have more alone time to discover your talents and work towards your passion.

In a world where everyone is over exposed, the coolest thing you can do is maintain your mystery! After all, Our worth is not measured in likes, comments, notes, followers but in our ability to love, take note and lead.

Written by Arun Wilson
Hello, my name is Arun. I am a blogger living in Pune, India. This is my blog, where I post about my lifestyle and traveling. Never miss out on new stuff.